Monday, June 2, 2008

Report card for all MIC branches

BUTTERWORTH: MIC branches nationwide will soon be accorded performance ratings under the party’s rebranding exercise, says party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

He said there were four categories in the rating system to evaluate the effectiveness of each branch in delivering the party’s aspirations and promises.

“The system will help the branches improve their performance and delivery to the people,” he told reporters at the Penang MIC convention held at Dewan Sree Mariamman yesterday.

The four categories are P1: Extraordinary; P2: Performing; P3: Below-average and P4: Inactive.

In addition to the rating system, a “People Satisfaction Index” (PSI) will be introduced in July to help gather feedback from the grassroots.

“The index will help us gauge people’s reaction and satisfaction towards our rebranding exercise.

“The PSI can also be used to evaluate the performance of branch leaders and branches. A form will be distributed to the public, especially MIC members, to gather feedback,” he explained, adding that feedback would be evaluated every six months.

Part of the re-branding effort would also see 3,600 branch leaders being sent for 36 courses, to update themselves.

“They will be briefed on the party’s new style, and how to increase delivery to the people and make the party more dynamic.

“MIC is now reviving between 300 and 400 defunct branches with new leaders,” he said.

Samy Vellu added that the party aimed to recruit 50,000 youth members this year as part of efforts to inject new blood into the party.

When queried, Samy Vellu said many young people were eager to join the party.

“I am very happy to note that many of them want to work (for the party) but I’ve told them to hold on and let us finish with the rebranding exercise first,” he said.

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