Thursday, November 6, 2008

MIC Youth, NGOs protest against Sri Lankan violence | malaysiakini

REF : MIC YOUTH FOR PEACE : War in Sri Lanka

MIC Youth wing and several non-governmental organisations this morning staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the
Sri Lankan High Commission in Jalan Damai, off Jalan Ampang against the civil war in that island.

mic youth sri lanka stop war protest demo 051108 03More than 200 people protested against the Sri Lankan government's ongoing continued air and ground attacks against
Sri Lankan Tamils.

They said that these attacks resulted in innocent men, women and children being killed and maimed.

The demonstration was led by MIC Youth deputy coordinator S Murugesan and MIC
Youth advisory council chairman S Ramis. MIC Youth coordinator T Mohan and S Vell Paari were present to give their moral support.

Protestors wore black armbands while some carried placards depicting the pictures of the affected women, children and damaged houses.

The protesting entourage however did not submit a protest note to the high commission after their officials insisted on only allowing MIC Youth officials to present it.

mic youth sri lanka stop war protest demo 051108 01Murugesan (photo: centre) said that it was unacceptable as MIC Youth had already informed the high commission that they were coming together with the NGOs to hand over the memorandum.

"It seems that the high commission wants to divide the MIC Youth and the NGOs. Their condition is unacceptable," he told reporters.

Murugesan also said that they would initiate a campaign to urge Malaysians to boycott
Sri Lanka products as well as the Sri Lanka Airlines.

"We would be having another demonstration with a much bigger crowd in the near future. We will show our strength," he said.

The protest started at about 10.30am and ended by 12.45 pm without any untoward incident.

MIC YOUTH FOR PEACE : War in Sri Lanka


Anonymous said...

Must be dump the Mlaysian Indians first....what a jokers..we have...

Thiruselvam.K said...

FANTASTIC.To see MIC youth and NGO's doing a protest outside the Sri Lankan embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Despite a peaceful, non violent joint request by MIC and the NGO, the embassy insists on separate submissions of the memorandums. Arrogance shows itself here, and the political mind to divide and rule dictates.

The time is right to stop using
SRI LANKAN products, stop supplies to Sri Lanka, and boycott Sri Lankan airlines.

Do read my writings in Tamil (comments) dated 17th october.

In addition, I have written to so sa many websites, asking all Tamil speaking people to "drown with cards" their nearest Sri Lankan embassy or high commission. Every week, mail 1 or 2 postcards insisiting "STOP THE WAR", "ENOUGH WIDOWS and ORPHANS";"LET TAMIL EELAM BE"; and so on. Every week thousands of cards "drown" the Sri Lankan offices in the world.

Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Anonymous said...

Can't even handle local issues wanna talk about international issues?
Shameless MIC pricks