Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Putera MIC calls for donations from the public

THE Putera MIC has launched a book donation drive campaign to upgrade the libraries in Tamil schools nationwide.

“We aim to collect 5,000 books and distribute them to at least one Tamil school in each state,” said the Putera MIC national coordinator P. Kamalanathan.

The campaign will run till the end of this year and the books will be delivered to the respective schools by the beginning of next year.

He said there was a serious need for good books in Tamil schools.

“We want to help within our means. Since we can’t afford to give them tables and chairs, we are trying our best to help in our own way,” he said.

According to Kamalanathan, eligible schools who request for the book aid will be given priority.

“We will also be visiting the schools to ensure that they have valid reasons to accept the book aid,” he added.

He urged the public to donate unused school books and other relevant reading materials like encylopaedias, dictionaries or even religious or language-based books.

“For those who have Mandarin books or Islamic religious books, you can donate it as well and we will hand it over to Chinese or the Malay schools that need it,” Kamalanathan added.

The Putera MIC website has details of drop off zones around the country. However if the donors have difficulty bringing the books to the zones, Putera MIC members are willing to pick them up.

For more information log on to www.puteramic.net or call the project director, M. Thanasekaran at 012480 1980 or Putera MIC information chief, A. Premnath at 017-3330535.

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