Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Indian groups fed up with Pakatan gov'ts- Malaysiakini

My expression : MIC & HINDRAF - Kenapa tidak? - Bahagian II

Several Indian civil movements are fed up with the indifferent attitude of Pakatan Rakyat governments.


Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), Penang Makkal Sakti Welfare Association (Pemaswa) and newly formed Hindu Action Network (Han) want the new Pakatan governments to form state Indian councils led by the menteri besar or chief minister.

The suggested councils will plan and implement beneficial programmes for the Indian community, with short, medium and long term goals.

According to Hindraf national coordinator TS Thanenthiran, the Pakatan governments have failed to fulfill their promises.

He said during the elections, Pakatan used the Hindraf tagline Makkal Sakti but since winning they have not unveiled any policy to benefit the community.

"Pakatan Rakyat ruling parties, be it DAP in Penang, PAS in Kedah and Perak and PKR in Selangor, seemed to have made empty electoral promises to the Indians," he added.

He stressed Hindraf would continue to fight along the movement’s 18-point memorandum submitted to the federal government last year.

Temple demolitions, non-existence of kindergartens in Tamil schools, private and public sector marginalisation and high suicide rates, are some of the issues the memorandum covers.

'Reps betrayed the community'

Meanwhile, Pemaswa president G Asoghan claimed that Indian leaders in the Pakatan government have "betrayed the Indian community’s trust in them" to deliver the goods.

"Until today, the state governments, particularly Indian leaders, are resting on their laurels," he said.

He claimed that more from MIC, PPP and IPF have benefited from the DAP government in Penang than genuine Hindraf supporters.

Han coordinator G Mugunthan (left) criticised Penang’s elected Indian assemblypersons of protecting their chronic self-interests when they rejected a previous DAP proposal for a state council.

Though DAP members were keen for a one-stop council, the DAP Indian assemblypersons rejected it as "it will put undue pressure on them to deliver."

"Now they are freely doing anything according to their whims and fancies," he said, adding that the appointment of an Indian as Penang deputy chief minister has been more "a curse than a blessing" to the community.

"It has only helped some chronic characters from BN."

Hindraf, Han and Pemaswa plan to organise a joint dialogue session with all relevant Pakatan Rakyat heads of state governments over the issue.

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