Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MIC Youth bureau: 'Racist' teacher deserves sterner lesson

The MIC Youth education bureau is irked by how a teacher who hurled stinging racial remarks at her students had been let off the hook.

The teacher had since been transferred to another school in the same district, but the bureau argued that this was not a form of punishment at all.

In a statement, bureau chief M Saravanan expressed dissatisfaction with the Education Ministry regarding this matter.

"This is an issue which touches on racial sentiments. It does not involve an individual but refers to a large number of Indian students.

"The teacher's apology to the students and parents involved is not the best solution and does not diminish the gravity of her action," he said.

"Transferring (to another school) is not a form of punishment or harsh (enough) punishment for a teacher who crossed the boundaries," he added.

Police reports lodged

Earlier this month, two students from SMK Telok Panglima Garang in Hulu Langat filed police reports against the history teacher.

They revealed that the teacher had called Indian students 'keling pariah', 'Negro' and 'black monkeys', amongst other derogatory names.

In the reports, the Form Four and Form Five students said the teacher also told students during class that 'Indians came from dogs', Indians are 'children of prostitutes' and the community is 'stupid'.

She also supposedly stated that the community's youths 'do not have testicles', 'always menstruate' and indulge in 'thuggery and theft'.

Meanwhile, Saravanan said any action taken by the ministry must serve as a strong lesson for other educators.

He said the teacher had tarnished the dignity and professionalism of her profession and therefore was not qualified to be an educator.

He also quoted Deputy Education Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong as saying during an interview that if the teacher was found guilty, stern action such as even dismissal would be taken.

"Transferring (her) to another school is not a stern action as promised," said Saravanan.

The education bureau chief also stated that the teacher must open apologise to all quarters through the media.

He also noted that other teachers might do the same thing in order to get transfers to another school.

The statement also revealed that the points raised by the bureau were endorsed by the parents and residents in the area.

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