Thursday, September 25, 2008



KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 – MIC President Dato' Seri S.Samy Vellu today condemned the action by a local council in Selangor to demolish a Hindu temple in Ampang early this month, saying it went against the opposition's promise during the last general election not to demolish any temples.

He said Selangor state government controlled by the Parti Keadilan led opposition, should have ordered the local council which he did not name, not to demolish the temple.

"It is very careless of the local council to demolish the temple without first relocating the temple," he said in a statement here.

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu was commenting on a newspaper report today that the demolition of the Sri Maha Kaliamman temple in Kampung Tasik, Jalan Baru in Ampang took place on Sept 9 this year.

The report stated that after being informed of the demolition of the temple yesterday, Selangor MIC Youth chief M.Yogeswaran immediately lodged a report at the Ampang police station.

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu said the local council should have consulted or sought permission from the temple management and secure an alternative land to relocate the temple.

"The demolition of the temple in Padang Jawa (Selangor) just before the 2008 general election in March 8 had angered many Hindus, and this was one of the reason the Indian voters voted against the Barisan Nasional.

"But today, you see the same situation happening in a state government that is controlled by the opposition," he said.

He said Selangor local councilors and executive council (Exco) members should concentrate on matters that were important, "rather then seeking cheap publicity by exposing what they claim as irregularities in the previous state government".

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu wanted the Selangor state government to explain to the people, especially the Hindus as to how they allowed the local council to demolish the temple.

"A full explanation must be given immediately and bring the culprits to justice,' he added.

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